Algocyte's Health Partners Network

Algocyte® enables clinicians and health organisations to monitor patients through remote blood testing, data visualisation, and support decision tools, reducing the costs incurred when home visitations by nurse specialists are involved or when patients have to travel long distances to be tested and improving medical decision support through a suite of plotting and risk assessment tools.

We help health professionals and health organisations to:

  • responsibly monitor and follow up on their patients' health and trends on a regular and medically-driven basis, in a less invasive and disruptive fashion, reducing face-to-face consultations or specialist nurse visitations, and to

  • establish a closer relationship between patients and medical professionals with potentially better outcomes for both doctors and patients, as compared to other alternatives.

How to recommend Algocyte®

Medical professionals can advise patients to subscribe to Algocyte for medically-motivated purposes, e.g. if they require regular monitoring but find it difficult to travel to a lab, practice, or hospital. They should designate you as their medical professional upon registration (they will need your email) and consent to share their data with you.

An organisation can register its own patients

Medical and pharmaceuticals organisations can directly register their patients. Algocyte is particularly useful in cases such as clinical trials. It speeds up and streamlines the process, helping to generate the data needed to support decisions among stakeholders.

Main Algocyte's Features

  1. A full end-to-end solution based on a home kit sent to the patient for them to perform a blood test at home or anywhere else.

  2. A multiplatform application to receive the results that can run on any web browser (HTML 5.0 compatible) or smartphone (iOS or Android).

  3. Multiuser access giving patient and doctor different capabilities to empower each in a responsible way. Multiple roles for different purposes. Patients can share their data with their medical ally, medical professionals decide what or when to release new data with their patients.

  4. The capability to deal with temporal data from multiple sources keeping track of and labelling each data point. 

  5. Algocyte can import data directly from the market standard format and any HL7-compatible source.

  6. Algocyte can capture lab data (and merge it with the other sources) by taking a picture with its automatic text recognition (OCR) capabilities.

  7. The display of data in a rich visual fashion and control several hyperparameters such as period, data smoothing value, analyte selection, other statistical visual aids like standard deviation mean over the same set of possible hyperparameters.

  8. Algocyte interacts with and captures data from the patient at the time of the blood test asking them fully customisable and personalised questions such as illness, secondary effects suffered, medication, and anything else.

  9. A risk assessment immune score as a first screening system that can set alarms for different scenarios (e.g. more than 3 values in abnormal ranges).

  10. All data is merged in computable form in databases ready to be exploited for data analytics (that we can also conduct), this means that research projects can be significantly shortened (clinical trials, lifetime/ageing research, drug discovery, etc)


Unlike other non-medically-driven commercially available blood tests, with Algocyte doctors decide what data is best to release immediately or in a delayed fashion. Physicians can also decide what questions to ask a patient through a questionnaire to be answered at the time they perform their blood test, thus receiving relevant feedback other than the raw values themselves, questions such as whether the patient feels ill, has been diagnosed with an illness, shows secondary effects, or is on some prescribed or over-the-counter medication (or anything else including specific questions relative to the specific cohort).

How to help your patients subscribe

To help your patients subscribe you can advise them what plan is best for them, based on their medical needs and how often they need to perform a test.

Supporting Research and Medical Organisations

Research & Clinical Trials

Our purpose is to create a community of Algocyte® partners consisting of clinicians and researchers who share our values and wish to make a positive impact. From clinical trials where patients reside in the community far from medical centres, to drug and therapy research, we believe we can make a difference.


Should you wish to acquire our technology or partner with us, we invite you to share your contact info by filling out and submitting the form below whether you want to contact us to use our technology or to help you apply our technology to your projects.

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